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Serv Corp is a wholesaler of 3M products to other resellers only — we cannot sell to end users.

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ServCorp, Inc. offers resellers and wholesalers 3M™ industrial abrasives to keep manufacturers on the cutting edge of competitiveness with sandpaper solutions and surface modifying systems that add efficiency, productivity and high performance to industrial abrasive operations.

From repairing automotive finishes on the factory floor to creating a cleaner shop environment for cabinet makers, 3M industrial abrasives bring the power of new ideas to the “science of smooth,” helping manufacturers save time and money in every phase of finishing.

3M Abrasive Belts have set the world standard for cutting speed and belt life. Plus, the expanded lineup of Cubitron™ II belts gives you more choices of grades, sizes and constructions for a variety of markets.

For grinding, polishing, deburring and other metalworking applications, 3M Abrasive Discs deliver the performance and quality you need. And we offer a variety of grades to fit your budget and application.

Abrasive Wheels deliver innovative solutions for tackling a range of applications on aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. Whether you’re cutting, grinding or finishing, there’s a 3M Abrasive Wheel for that! Remove burrs and sharp edges that linger on metal parts after punching, cutting and machining. With a wide range of deburring abrasives, ensuring no burr gets left behind. Striking a balance between strength and finesse, 3M abrasives are designed to smooth metal surfaces while keeping part geometry intact and helping you get the finish you need.

ServCorp also offers a range of 3M products to remove metal and welds, and shape parts to meet project requirements. These include blasting nozzles, grinding wheels and discs, and precision grinding products.

To order 3M abrasives from ServCorp, you must be an authorized 3M reseller – we sell only to resellers, not to end users.

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