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LOCTITE® Multi-Purpose Urethane Glue is focused on creating products that enable our customers to reduce unplanned downtime, improve reliability, and lower costs.

Together, we act as industry partners to help you get the most out of your production processes. Henkel Loctite® UR was designed to support the production of high-quality adhered goods within an ever-changing marketplace of material design, composition and challenging installations. ServCorp, Inc. is proud to carry LOCTITE® Multi-Purpose Urethane Glue.
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Loctite® UR works well as a wood glue and provides good adhesion to Accoya wood and Tricoya MDF substrates. It withstands the extreme conditions for outdoor furnishings. Fast curing solvent and formaldehyde-free one-component liquid PUR adhesive for exceptional bond performance. These versatile adhesives can be used on a wide array of surfaces, producing a virtually perfect aesthetic and finish. Open time varies from 2 to 70 minutes. UR Loctite adhesives will meet all your needs.