Technomelt PUR Cleaner M-O-C, also known as Technomelt PUR Cleaner 3030 – hot melt adhesives removal


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Technomelt PUR Cleaner M-O-C

hot melt adhesives removal

Technomelt PUR Cleaner M-O-C is recommended as a surface cleaning agent in areas where most types of water-based and/or hot melt adhesives are used. Technomelt PUR Cleaner M-O-C hot melt adhesives removal product could also be used to soak machine parts. Technomelt PUR Cleaner M-O-C should not be heated.

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT industrial cleaners give you peace of mind by fulfilling your need for equipment that is clean, reliable, and long-lasting. Wear and tear will degrade your hot melt equipment to the point where it will no longer create reliable bonds. Regular cleaning and maintenance will increase the lifespan of your machinery and protect it from the degradation that results from char, dust, hair, and other materials that clog hot melt machinery.

The longer your hot melt equipment lasts the better for you company bottom line. Faulty machines not only cause downtime but can be costly when it comes time to repairing or replacing them. Purchasing cleaner and spending a few minutes maintaining your machines every once in a while is a lot more affordable than purchasing a brand new costly, top-of-the-line hot melt unit.

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT cleaners extend the lifespan of hot melt equipment. By doing so, they do a great job of reducing waste and pollution in a multitude of industries.

Technomelt PUR Cleaner M-O-C hot melt adhesives removal product:

  • is made in accordance with the compositional requirements of Indirect Food Additives regulation 21 CFR 175.105  Adhesives in Handling and Application
  • is recommended for overnight soaking of equipment parts and filters
  • is classified by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)

7-10 day lead time + transit

Type of Adhesive: Monocyclic Hydrocarbon
Field of Application: Cleaning Agent
Typical Tech
Application Temperature: Room Temperature
Odor: Strong citrus odor
Handling and Application:  recommended for overnight soaking of equipment parts and filters.
Precautions: It is not recommended it be diluted with water.
Storage Conditions: Keep container closed when not in use. Store at temperatures below 115°F. Keep away from open flames.

Technomelt PUR Cleaner M-O-C TDS

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