RTV 600 High Temperature 600 Sealant


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RTV 600 High Temperature 600 Sealant

American Sealants 600 Hi-Temperature Red Gasket Maker is a one-part, moisture curing, RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone that cures to form a tough rubber gasket. ASI 600 was specifically formulated to be used as a formed-in-place gasket where operating temperatures up to 310°C (600°F) are reached intermittently. RTV 600 High Temperature 600 Sealant will remain permanently flexible and provides excellent resistance to aging, vibration and shock.
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The primary use for RTV 600 High Temperature 600 Sealant is formed-in-place gaskets in high temperature applications to replace conventional paper and cork gaskets. Such uses include: Automotive * valve covers * axle housings * water and oil pump seals * thermostat housings * bearing cap seals * timing chain covers * fuel pumps to blocks * solenoid covers Industrial * pump and compressor gaskets * appliance door gaskets * humidifier gaskets * air conditioner gaskets * repairing torn silicone rubber sheets * ductwork gaskets * dust collection components * wire and cable insulation * furnace door gaskets


ASI 600 high temperature silicone is ready to use and requires no mixing or additives. The cure mechanism begins as soon as the sealant comes in contact with the air. At conditions of 25°C (77°F) and 50% relative humidity, the sealant will skin in 10 minutes and cure within 24 hours (1/4 bead), ultimate cure in 7 days.


All surfaces should be clean and dry. It is recommended that bonding surfaces be solvent wiped with a naphtha, ketone or chlorinated solvent. Suitable solvents include xylol, toluol and mineral spirits. Do not solvent wipe with alcohols or oil-containing solvents such as Varsol. For gasket applications, apply an even bead, with a diameter of 1/8 or less, to one surface, making certain to surround all bolt holes. Press, do not slide parts together, and torque normally. On surfaces where adhesion is not desired, a light coat of oil or grease will act as a release agent. If removal of ASI 600 high temperature silicone is necessary, it can be wiped off surfaces to be mated when uncured. After the material cures, it can be abraded or scraped from the surface.  ASI 600 is not recommended as a gasket for cylinder heads, manifolds or in contact with fuels.


American Sealant, Inc., has on file documentation from the USDA that states ASI 600 sealants are chemically acceptable for use on structural surfaces in official establishments operating under the Federal Meat and Poultry Inspection Program. The final granting of authorization for the proposed use of such compounds is the responsibility of the inspector in charge of the official plant. Technical assistance will be provided by the Product Safety Branch of the USDA upon request.


ASI 600 high temperature silicone is formulated for primary use as a formed-in-place gasket material because substrate release, rather than adhesion, is required. If good adhesion should be required, a primer should be used. Consult primer techsheet or contact ASI for technical assistance.


ASI 600 high temperature silicone meets the requirements of MIL-46106 Type 1 and meets FDA, USDA requirements.

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