3M Hot Melt Applicator TC with Quadrack Converter and Palm Trigger glue gun

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3M™ Hot Melt Applicator TC with Quadrack Converter and Palm Trigger hot glue gun dispenses low temperature hot melt adhesive at a fixed temperature of 265ºF / 129ºC. 3M Hot Melt Applicator TC is designed for use with low melt 5/8″ x 8″ Quadrack (Q) sticks and is capable of dispensing up to 2.6 pounds of glue per hour. 3M Hot Melt Applicator TC includes palm trigger that helps reduce repetitive motion fatigue. 7-10 days + transit lead time.

Use with 3M 3792Q Hot Melt Adhesive

A lightweight, easy to control applicator that operates at a fixed temperature of 385ºF/196ºC. Applicator TC with Quadrack is designed for use with 5/8″ x 8″ Q sticks and is capable of dispensing up to 3.5 pounds of adhesive per hour. The Quadrack application attachment system utilizes hot melt glue sticks up to 8″ long that helps reduce reloading time and, when combined with the palm trigger system, eliminates the need to forcibly press on the hot melt adhesive stick with your thumb.

  • One of the most popular applicator in the 3M Hot Melt line
  • Supports high volume demands
  • Unique Quadrack stick provides reliable adhesive flow
  • Stand holds applicator in proper standby position

3M Hot Melt Applicators are designed to help improve productivity, lower costs and minimize waste in industrial applications. From high volume to detail work, 3M Hot Melt Applicators ensure optimum performance through melt-on-demand or progressive feed technology to meet your production deadlines.

  • Lightweight designs offer easy handling
  • Uniquely designed for 3M Hot Melt adhesives sticks
  • Meet the needs of low and high volume dispensing
  • Can be customized with accessories to meet application specifications
  • Balanced designs for easy, controlled application
  • Designed for comfort and ergonomics in mind

Understanding Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melt adhesives extrude as 100% solid liquefied thermoplastic resins to fill gaps and wet entire bonding surfaces before setting. As a result, they often exceed 100 psi shear strength for quick, convenient assembly without volatiles. Hot melts provide nearly instant bond, and are used on a wide variety of materials ranging from wood to corrugated cardboard, heat-sensitive foam, plastics and metals. Unlike mechanical fasteners or sealing tapes, hot melt adhesives are virtually invisible between mating surfaces. Hot melt, also referred to as glue sticks, are available in a variety of strengths, temperatures and open time/bonding ranges to meet specific application demands.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 11 in