3M Lane Marking Applicator M-1


1 Each Per Case

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3M Lane Marking Applicator M-1

3M(TM) Lane Marking Applicator M1 helps you apply safety tape to floors quickly, easily and perfectly. 3M Lane Marking Applicator M-1 is the easiest way to mark warehouse traffic lanes and hazard areas without crawling around on the floor. Use this accessory to dispense 3M(TM) Safety Stripe and Vinyl Tapes to help improve workplace safety.
1 per case

  • Accessory helps apply safety tape to floors with greater ease, speed and perfection
  • Tape dispenser allows person applying tape to remain standing without kneeling on floor
  • Great for applying vinyl safety tape to floors in warehouses, factories and laboratories
  • Highly recommended for marking aisles, traffic lanes, hazard zones and storage areas
  • A handy tool to use with 3M™ Safety Strip and Vinyl Tape
Lane Marking Made Easy

Designed for marking traffic lanes, storage boundaries and safety zones in warehouses, manufacturing plants and factories, 3M™ Lane Marking Applicator M-1 helps to apply safety and vinyl tape to floors with greater ease and accuracy. Constructed of sturdy metal, this wheeled dispenser is durable and extremely easy to use. This helps reduce physically taxing up-and-down movements by allowing application while standing or walking.

Our 3M™ Lane Marking Applicator M-1 is an excellent choice for applying 3M™ Safety Stripe and Vinyl Tapes. Helping to comply with OSHA and 5S requirements for floor marking, these abrasion and wear resistant tapes adhere to a wide variety of surfaces and remove easier than paint.

Recommended Applications

  • Applying vinyl and safety tapes for aisles, traffic lanes, hazard zone and storage areas

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 7 × 47 in