3M Hot Melt Adhesive 3738 Q, Tan, 5/8 in x 8 in

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11 Pounds Per Case


3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive 3738 Q, Tan, 5/8 in x 8 in

3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive 3738 Q is a multipurpose adhesive for effectively bonding wood, lightweight metals and some plastics in furniture, upholstery and woodworking applications. 3M Hot Melt Adhesive 3738 Q hot glue gun sticks feature a 50 second open time that allows for positioning and adjustment on wood, polypropylene, corrugated boxes and lightweight substrates. These hot glue gun sticks nearly instant bonding property reduces production time for POP assembly, joining, attaching, securing, repairing, potting, panel bonding, wire tacking, bundling, sealing, encapsulating, rigidizing, foam bonding, and packaging. For use with a 3M™ Hot Melt Applicator.
7-10 days + transit lead time
11 lb/case

  • 50 second open time allows for fit adjustment and positioning
  • General purpose 100% solids adhesive
  • Ideal for POP displays, carton sealing, furniture, upholstery, and woodworking

Recommended Applications

  • Cabinetry
  • Woodworking
  • Sound damping
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Upholstery
  • POP displays
  • General industrial


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3M Hot Melt Adhesive 3738 Technical Data Sheet (pdf)

Understanding Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melt adhesives, also known as glue sticks, are liquefied thermoplastic adhesives available in both low and high-temperature versions. Low temperature hot melt adhesives are applied at 250°F/121°C temperatures, which makes them ideal for bonding electronics, plastics, cloth and other heat sensitive materials. High temperature hot melt adhesives are applied at 380°F/193°C and produce a stronger bond than the low temperature hot melts.

Hot melt adhesives are widely used in the packaging Industry, case and crating manufacturing, mattress and foam fabrication and other Industries. Hot Melts are the most cost efficient adhesive when compared by weight to liquid adhesives for the simple fact that they are 100% solids – everything applied is use. Hot Melts are applied typically only on one side of the substrates to bond, either in beads or with air forming a swirl pattern which improves square coverage and reduces telegraphing.

Hot Melt Applications

Furniture and Building

Improving the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of furniture and building components is important. Hot melt adhesives bond a variety of wooden parts in many applications for furniture, mattress building applications.

Personal Hygiene

When it comes to health, wellness and comfort, consumers want quality. Hot melt adhesives for the disposable hygiene and nonwoven industry focused on high adhesion with skin-friendliness to deliver security for each application.

Food and Beverage

Versatility makes hot melt adhesives one of the most popular options for sealing consumer packaging. As a sealing option for case and cartons, adhesives increase line speed and minimize material waste.


Protect circuitry and delicate electronic components with a simplified, sustainable and cost-effective process. Encapsulation materials offer low pressure, sort cycle time to assure fragile circuitry is not damaged.

Tapes and Labels

Sustainability and security are key elements of tape and label applications. Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) are designed to meet the highest safety standards and reduce your total energy consumption for a wide range of applications.

Paper Packaging

Consumer demand has changed the needs of paper packaging. Hot melt adhesives provide more sustainable options for on-the-go paper containers and packaging for flexible bonding and increased line speeds.


Increasing performance, reducing weight and enabling sustainability are critical to automotive applications.

Sports and Fashion

Rising labor and production costs are primary challenges in the sports and fashion industry.


Streamlining the manufacturing process and switching from metal fasteners to adhesives is the trend in the transportation industry.


From filtration end cap bonding,  pleat separation and bonding to cooling pipe bonding and gap sealing in appliance and HVAC systems, hot melt adhesives offer consistent, reliable performance. Adhesives offer versatile solutions for a range of applications.

Medical Devices

An increase of in-home patient care, material regulations and less invasive devices drives the need for adhesives in the design and manufacture of medical devices. Hot melt adhesives are engineered to increase product reliability and safety.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 9 in