3M Citrus Base Adhesive Remover


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3M Citrus Base Adhesive Remover

3M™ Citrus Base Adhesive Remover is ideal for helping dissolve and remove dirt, grease, tar, and many non-curing type adhesives. 3M Citrus Base Adhesive Remover cleans without streaking and have proven to be excellent for surface preparation in adhesive applications. While these multipurpose cleaners are suitable for industrial use, they are also safe enough for everyday projects.

Our 3M Citrus Base Cleaners help soften and loosen grease, oil and grime. They are a citrus oil based cleaner that emulsifies when flushed with water and it contain no petroleum distillates. You can use these highly effective cleaners to clean and degrease metal parts, motors, tools, printing presses, concrete, or almost any dirty or greasy surface. After using this heavy-duty degreaser/cleaner, just wipe away with a shop towel. They are available in both bulk and aerosol.
Low VOC <20% Clear
5-7 day lead time + transit

  • Excellent for removal of adhesive residue
  • Used for cleaning a wide variety of industrial materials
  • Cleans gently, removing tape, label or sticker residue without damaging the surface underneath in most cases
  • Wipes away with just a shop towel after use, leaving no filmy residue
  • Citrus oil based cleaner not based on chlorinated or petroleum-based solvents
  • Leaves a pleasant citrus scent

Citrus-Based Adhesive Removal Spray
Our 3M™ Adhesive Remover Citrus Base is excellent for removing adhesives including label / sticker residue and sticky tape residue. This product can be sprayed on with no need for parts to soak and it wipes away with just a shop towel, leaving no filmy residue. It is based on citrus oil rather than chlorinated or petroleum-based solvents and can be used to help clean a wide variety of substrates.

Not for sale or use in California. Consult local air quality rules before use. See 3M™ Adhesive Remover Low VOC < 20% for an adhesive remover that is CARB-compliant and helps contribute to LEED® credits.

Recommended Applications

  • Removing adhesive residue from stickers, labels or tapes
  • Cleans adhesive residue from a wide variety of industrial materials

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