Mattress Manufacturing Hot Melt Adhesives

Mattress Manufacturing Hot Melt Adhesives are designed for a variety of applications where simplified processing, streamlined manufacturing and end-product protection are needed. Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® Mattress Manufacturing Hot Melt Adhesives hot glues are the leading choice for hot melt adhesives designed for the best results in production processes and finished products. ServCorp, Inc is proud to carry TECHNOMELT® Mattress Manufacturing Hot Melt Adhesives.
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Introduced in the 1960s, TECHNOMELT® adhesives are trusted for reliability, quality and proven results and widely used in markets as diverse as electronics, medical, automotive, personal hygiene, furniture and packaging. These hot glues come in a full range of reactive and non-reactive hot melt solutions. TECHNOMELT® adhesives are designed for superior cost-in-use and efficiency. The product portfolio includes groundbreaking innovative from our low temperature hot melt adhesives and sustainable solutions to help build and improve your business. Improving the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of furniture and building components is important. Henkel’s hot melt adhesives bond a variety of parts in many applications for mattress building applications. TECHNOMELT® hot melt adhesives:
Deliver excellent cost-performance ratio
Offer easy and reliable application
Utilize sustainable and bio-based formulations
Meet global regulatory compliance and product requirements


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