Hot Melt Adhesives

Technomelt® hot melt adhesives are designed for superior cost-in-use and efficiency. The product portfolio includes groundbreaking innovation from our low temperature hot melt adhesives and sustainable solutions to help build and improve your business. Technomelt hot melt adhesives:

  • Deliver excellent cost-performance ratio
  • Offer easy and reliable application
  • Utilize sustainable and bio-based formulations
  • Meet global regulatory compliance and product requirements

Handling and moving assemblies almost immediately helps keep production flowing quickly. 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives cool, harden and reach their bond strength within seconds to help speed both production and packaging.

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These hot gun glues stick to almost any substrate, including foams, corrugated cardboard, fabrics, plastics, particle board and light-gauge metals. Whether you’re doing detail work or high-volume manual production, 3M Adhesive Systems provide the combination of adhesives, applicators and accessories you need to give your application a fast, convenient, long-lasting bond.
Made for use in 3M handheld applicators, our 3M™ hot gun glues often exceed 100 psi shear strength for a robust hold you can count on. And in addition to being as strong as mechanical fasteners or sealing tapes, hot melts are virtually invisible to improve the overall aesthetic of the finished item. 3M Hot Melt Adhesives are 100% solids thermoplastic resins that liquefy when heated. When applied to a surface they cool, harden and reach their bond strength within seconds. Due to their quick work life you can move assemblies immediately upon application, eliminating the need for clamps, fixturing or additional drying time and energy. 3M™ Hot Melt Applicators are designed to be easy to use while providing customizable options for your bonding requirements. From detailed work to high-capacity production our applicators are easy to use and help you improve productivity, lower costs and minimize waste. 3M™ Hot Melt Sprayable Adhesives are fast, effective and especially good for bonding in bulk. Simply spray a controlled pattern of 100% solids adhesive right where you want it on one or both surfaces and bond the substrates immediately. Applications include furniture cushions, foam inserts, modular office panels, gym floor pads and more.


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