Woodworking Glue

Henkel’s AQUENCE® Cabinet Making and Woodworking Glue is the brand for innovative, sustainable, water-based adhesive solutions. Henkel’s hot melt adhesives for furniture manufacturing include Technomelt PA2333B. As the global market leader in water-based adhesives AQUENCE® improves their customer’s Total Cost of Ownership and product quality. Their unmatched success track record in tailor-made solutions reflects their continuous commitment to our customers with AQUENCE®. ServCorp, Inc. is proud to carry Henkel’s AQUENCE® Cabinet Making and Woodworking Glue.
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Henkel provides products designed to satisfy professional business needs for Cabinet Making and Woodworking tasks. Henkel Adhesives offers innovative products specifically designed to satisfy professional business needs. Since 1876 Henkel services at best customer needs through advanced technology and partnering. We are also pleased to state that Henkel products endorse and perform in compliance with strict ecological standards. Henkel has developed multifarious, customized and innovative adhesive and sealant solutions to satisfy the needs of the DIY market. For more than 75 years, the name Henkel stands for innovation, leading quality and the highest levels of expertise in adhesives for DIY. Henkel’s leading brands can be found all over the world and enjoy high levels of awareness and trust in their respective categories and regions. All their products and brands share one guiding principle: Henkel makes life easier. If you’re looking to modernize your production processes, produce lighter products and structures, or improve the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of your furniture and building components, we can help. Henkel adhesives can be used to bond a variety of wooden parts in many applications in the furniture industry.


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