Serv Corp is a reseller of industrial adhesives and other supplies from top manufacturers around the world.

We are a select wholesaler of 3M products, selling to other resellers only — not to end users.

In addition, we are a distributor of industrial supplies from American Sealants, Bostik, Henkel and Palm Labs. 


We are authorized to sell 3M products only to wholesalers or resellers— we cannot sell to end users. Submit a request for quote and we’ll contact you with pricing and ordering information.

Henkel products are intended for industrial use.

All other products are available for purchase by anyone.

3M Adhesives Approved Wholesaler -

A Wide Range of 3M Products for Wholesale Distributors and Resellers Only

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Henkel Adhesives Wholesale Distributor of TechnoMelt Products -

Henkel TechnoMelt, Aquence, Loctite Adhesives and More for Industrial Use

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ASI American Sealants, Inc. Wholesale Distributor -

American Sealants RTV Sealants and Silicone

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Bostik Adhesives Wholesale Distributor -

Bostik Thermogrip Hot Melt Adhesives

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Palm Labs Adhesives Distributor -

High Performance Adhesives for Industrial use

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