We are a 3M wholesaler to other resellers, and a distributor of other industrial adhesives and supplies from top manufacturers.

From our home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we deliver personal service to industrial markets and other distributors, leveraging our small business sensibility and large network of resources.


ServCorp is a wholesaler and distributor for top manufacturers of industrial adhesives and other supplies. 

We are authorized to sell 3M products only to wholesalers or resellers— we cannot sell to end users. Submit a request for quote and we’ll contact you with pricing and ordering information.

Henkel products are intended for industrial use.

All other products are available for purchase by anyone.

Click a manufacturer to view products.

3M Adhesives Approved Wholesaler - ServCorpInc.com
Henkel Adhesives Wholesale Distributor of TechnoMelt Products - ServCorpInc.com
ASI American Sealants, Inc. Wholesale Distributor - ServCorpInc.com
Bostik Adhesives Wholesale Distributor - ServCorpInc.com
Palm Labs Adhesives Distributor - ServCorpInc.com

Since 1996, we have delivered key supplies to private industry, other resellers and the US Government as a Prime and First Tier subcontractor.

As a member of the Better Business Bureau, and a certified small business with the SBA, we strive to deliver top-quality industrial supplies at low, bulk prices and provide personal service and attention at a step above the rest.

For government purchasing agents, ServCorp, Inc., Cage Code 3PEH0, is registered in the U.S. Federal Government’s System for Award Management (SAM).

We invite you to apply for a wholesale accountshop online or contact us for more information and request a quote.

Evan Force
ServCorp, Inc. President